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Abazonia is a consulting Company, which services range from telecommunication retailing, 0utsourcing, recruiting, manpower development, branding and rebranding, business development, Marketing. Our job is to setup small businees to operate like multinational business in any location, with small finacial capacity, we ensure your business is connect to payable customers . we network service seekers through our networking circuit to the service provider, with our 21 century technological tools, making these services flexible, convenience, and reliable to our esteem Clients. Our company is a full fledge business organization,

Abazonia Consultingand Business Company

Business is easy in the eye of those that have not gone in to it, because they think they have money to start a business, but their things you need to know about business foundamental and the application of a founctional business, which Abazonia is the memory bank for business resolution.

Build your career with Abazonia consulting and Business Company.

All sucessfull business and career is build on the platform of solid team of special expertize with the ability of analytical and strategical planing. Are you finding it difficult to build your career or looking for a right tools to activate your gifted talent? Abazonia is the right place to framed and boost your gifted potential, throuh the magical ingredient.


About Our Company

We are team of technological expert, basically on IT inplementation, setting up business solution for small business and companies with unified number, framing of marketing strategies, organizing and assembling of workforce for companies and individuals.We have been on the field since 2017 till date. Our philosophy is to build a strong business solution for companies, well trained personel, technical know how expert , competent, resilient and ready to go personel, in other to give your businesses positive returns. we believe not just to render services, but value oriented services to our esteem Subscribers


We are Consulting and rebranding company.

Is your company on the low side of positioning your product and services, why is your company finding it difficult to gain attention of the comsumer? in running a business, you must understand that the brain behind all successful business is the power of branding and rebranding terminology which is the secret of sales and turnover. Without a good brand, no company can moved to the limelight and gain fantastic position in the marketplace.

That is why Abazonia is calling for those that are willing to restructure, reframed, reform and refined their businesses. In Abazonia, we use the magical formula of 21 century branding and rebranding technology to reposition your company in other to take its rightful position in the marketplace.

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What we provide

Management strategies

Talent are natural endowment given to every humans, but these gifts are hidden and remain untapped. Talent if well tapped, have the power and ingredients to foster any process.

Creative Ideas

Human was born with a enormous hidden potentials which have not been activated and untapped. Make every thoughts, every fact that comes in to your mind paid you profit.

Staff Management

Training and retrainig is our bodily philosophy because we believed that we were good Yesterday , but we can also be better Today, in getting better Today,we must be open to new ideas.


It`s good to establish a business, but there`s are different between a working business and a stangnated business. A working businees is one that has the right Marketing strategies.

Reformation of Deficiency

The true is, every man has weakness or weaknesses in many areas, so also businesses. It is a natural phenomena, but with the right expertize, mentorship.

Business Development

Business is more practical, tangible than theoritical or intangible. What kind of business do you want to enback upon, do you have the right business idea which is tailored to it ?

Telecommunication retailing.

Telecommunication iS the art of tranmission of information over a significant distance, to get across vital update.The original term broadcasting is sowing.

Staff Recruitment

we understand that in the modern world Today, many individuals are either encouraged to go into business or willing to go into it. Then we ask do you have the right workforce.


Is your company or organization on the low side of positioning in term of products and services, why is your company finding it difficult to gain attention of customer?

Manpower Development

It`s worthy to note: that in all the available resources, Human, Finance, and Materials. Human is the most potential and sort after resources and most potential capital for al business.

Our achievements Smooth Animation Numbering

With a smooth strategical formula, we at Abazonia have put our very best nationwide and internationally in restructuring many companies to reach their set down goals and actualized their vision and mission statement.

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Staff Managment

Training and retrainig is the effectiveness of all personel.


Telecommunication retailing

Is your business, organization having deficiency in the lines of sales and turnover? we are here to put stablity and effectiveness in your company With our Telebusiness solution.



Is your products or services finding it difficult to gain a place in the market ? Abazonia is the right place for reframing, reforming and gain stand.


Business Development

Developing is the tentacle of all successful business, that is why your company need development expert.


Creative ideas

Are you finding it difficult to get something out of nothing ? contact us to see the Creative wonders



Are you not really ok with the performance of your staff or effectiveness and you really need a reliable staff? Abazonia is the place.


Latest Blogs


Recognizing the need is the primary

Do you really know your ability, strenght and weakness,do you want to know how to conditioned your mind and make it workout in reality? it is very good to know your gifted area and the way to shape it. Dreams, visions, all these are ambitions, which without action is a waste of time and resources. We ask, do you really know how to press the action button and get result? if no, ask Abazonia.


How to grow your business with blank table!

You can not become what you desire by remaining where you are, to grow and sharpen your business, you need to do more than just been open to change, you need to pursue change from new ways not the old way. You need to do it a little bit more than other achievers. What are you lacking in your business, and how do you wish to focus your energy to get the needed changes that will change your business for better? Abazonia is the place.


10 ways to improve your startup Business

Business is more of practical than the way many people see it. Practice sharpen your mental ability, practice enable development, practice lead to discovery.The following are the magic ingredients to start a functional business,(1)Discipline (2) Render useful Services (3) Hiring and retention of customers (4) Quality plus Quantity (5) Put your best effort (6) Extra value (7) Timely delivery (8) innovations (9) Harmonous co-operation with your team members(10) Think of expansion


passion is the foundation for excellence

Loving what you do is they key that open door for achievement. passion can transform a person from zero to average, from average to excellent, when you have passion you become energize you don`t have to produce perseverance, it is naturally present in you, passion will energized every aspect of a person life - including it talent


The best way to improve your business is to improve yourself!

Improvement is the top priority of any individual, business or organization. A person with daily improvement is the one with readiness to moved his mental condition, environmental circumstances, business faillure, and gain the ability to change his state of mind in other to drive the wheel of rendering useful services, and generate income or revenue.


Principle of perseverance!

No matter how talented a preson is, there is no success without perseverance. Perseverance means, bearing all difficulties in other to succeed in any set down goals, because one`s is determined to , not destined to. The different between a successful person and the other is not lack of strenght, education qualification, skill acquisition, knowledge or common sense, but rather a lack of determination.


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